Worst project ever?

The other weekend, Liz and the little one headed to Florida, so I had the whole house and the whole weekend to do as I pleased.  Apparently my homeowner ID was to clean the garage. Which, got me to a small thing that I was hoping to clean up…and then it became a bigger project.


For no good reason there was insulation–the blown, paper based (I hope, having ingested  more than a little) insulation. Well the thing is, it is too heavy for the drywall and was coming down… and adds to the dusty in the garage. oh and also there is no source of heat in the garage so there is no point for it in the first place. So after removing a little…there was a lot more there…  a terrible project. I wore a mask and had glasses on but was still left gagging on occasion. With most of it located on drywall that wouldn’t sustain my weight up in the rafters,  my best option was to use he blower so it was always a new wave of stuff. And as I could barely see up there I didn’t have that sense of satisfaction of getting something done. But, once I started…I could not stop. Plus, being up there, I did pull a lot of stuff that I’d (WHY DO I NEED A BOX FOR MY TV?! I don’t.) pointlessly put up there, so that was good at least…

It was like Pompeii. So a wild and crazy weekend for me!


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