About The Clearydome

Hello-Welcome to the ‘dome. Have been here since March of 2006. If that date sounds familiar, then you are on to something. My purchase of the dome in fact marked the high point of the market and triggered the massive crisis in the real estate market. oops! Sorry about that.

With hugely curious design and layout decisions having been made before my arrival, the Clearydome offeres an ongoing puzzle of bungalow design. I’m very excited about the place, and continue to make it a little bit better, as the stack and stacks and stacks and full files and envelopes stuffed with Lowes receipts can attest.

I’ve got friends and family around the country and the world (you are likely one or the other if you are reading this, such is the breadth of my readership), so this seemed like a good way to show the progress, or lack thereof, through my ongoing renovation and renewal…

Special thanks to Donna Sink and to all the folks who have helped so far. There is much to do yet…

Thanks for visiting.

One thought on “About The Clearydome

  1. I like the tree– worthy of the effort (easy for me to say, I know, from this chair in CT). Your house looks nice too– I love the bungalow style. Hope to visit sometime.

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