Time for Fresh Thyme

As part of the new development in Broad Ripple, which is a very big change for the whole area with a building that is much larger than anything else in the area (http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2017/03/17/how-fresh-thyme-apartments-could-transform-broad-ripple/99138454/), and could well be a part of a wave of new content in the area (the downtown Indy explosion of apartments and multi-use buildings is well into its 5th-7th year).


So there is a new grocery store as part of this deal, which we were curious to check out. We’ve got a Kroger close to us…but it’s not good for good stuff. Toilet paper at 10:30 PM on tuesday? check, Frozen pizzas? Check. Great produce? don’t even bother…


So this one is within walking distance so we went over for a sneak preview. So this is our life; checking out new grocery stores quel excitement.



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