4th of July weekend at Home

Enjoyed the double-Saturday weekend big time. After the 4th, which we celebrated by being on the roof a bit although we didn’t really see any fireworks…

Had so much on the list for around the dome and then really focused on relaxing and watching All Things British on Sunday (Tour de France in England, Formula 1 British Grand Prix, and Wimbledon). Also a big Saturday AM run for me (yoga for Liz) then rapid fire of Farmers Market, recycling center visit, Vintage Market, Lowes, lawn care and weeding, roof and gutter cleaning fun, garage ‘organizing’, (which incidentally saw me heroically letting go not only of some 2005 New Yorkers, but also some early 90’s Road and Tracks) cleaning out the trash cans (that I suspect someone used to throw up in–I don’t often decide to clean a trash can so if I do…you know it is bad)  a bike trip to the pool, a relaxing foot massage, worked on the lights for the front of the house, and then finally a beer at the Wellington. Quite a Saturday, no wonder we were so happy to spend Sunday ensconced couch-side.


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