Weekend at home

Well, it hasn’t happened yet; it’s next weekend. But I’m already excited about it obviously as you can tell by the title. Liz will also be home which is cool since we were basically both gone all of June, me with France, Denmark, and upstate New York, and she with Pittsburgh for her big annual show. Boy did liz ever get the short end of that one, amirite?

No progress, with the help of not being here, made on the anticipated front room renovation. Mostly just moving luggage from upstairs to downstairs has been the main activity; I did get a new pod-based coffee maker. I felt kind of guilty about the waste and the fact that it demoted the great espresso maker that Liz got me for christmas a few years back. But it requires but one button to push and you are good to go, and that’s pretty appealing at 6 in the morning. I guess thats about as American as it gets.

Great visit to the Danish Dome and very excited for Dennis and his new digs. Now, we’ll see if I can make something of a few days at the Dome…




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