Review of Ikea Kitchens that we can relate to…

Last night Kelb and his brother Nick were over to check out the kitchen and one asked, “why Ikea…” so it was funny to come accrross this story today.

You will develop Stockholm syndrome with the IKEA software.
IKEA has a wonderful, horrible, addictive, amazing little piece of software that helps you plan out your kitchen. It is an app you use right in your web browser, which can make it buggy. (Oh the tortures of Java; I would have actually paid real money for a desktop version of this app running on a more stable base.)

“We thought we were super prepared and we breezed into the IKEA store, which is about 90 miles away from where we live, hoping to be out in a couple hours. Ha ha. No way. ”

Check everything as soon as it is delivered, even if it takes a few hours. IKEA will happily correct anything that is missing or wrong! …This was key! Had to make a trip back…

The other question was about “…how’d you get it here!?” so found a couple of pics…


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