IT’s a good weekend to do (as much as I am all about the idea of “organized garage…”) some inside work. Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 9.31.35 AM

Liz is out of town so I am the one with paint on my hands today. I pulled the tv from the media stand as it was all pretty dirty back there, having not been properly gone through for a while. And after having disconnected all the wiring while “paying attention” to how it was set up but not “really remembering” … I can see why, as it was a big pain to not only extract everything from it’s place, but even more so, to get the thing working again (basically starting from scratch) once the paint dried. But I seem to have got it working (in time to watch the last laps of the first race of the season–the nascar “spint unlimited” all star thing).

It was a fitting thing to do (dealing with the sound system) as THor was supposed to have come up to visit but at the last minute wasn’t able to. It was one of those visits several years back where he was in town and we went to (does this age it properly?) Circuit City to buy that stereo.

Speaking of visitors, Lapid was in town and came to check out the kitchen, which he had been following the progress of on the blog and wanted to see in person. He lives in C Bus so don’t get to hang out with him but for motorsports events, mostly.

Also went crazy with the weekend to put all kinds of things (road bike, old stereo stuff, a non working generator, file cabinets) on sale to try to pre-spring clean some stuff…

OK well, at the moment, the TV project isn’t exactly “done”…all the CD’s and games and everything else are all over the floor, waiting to be organized and put back in…wish me luck!


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