Indiana still no go for Sunday carry out sales

It’s up to us- It’s time to Change It
Dear Matt,

As you might have heard, it does not appear likely that Hoosiers will have a right to buy alcohol for carry-out on Sunday in the near future.

House Public Policy Chairman Bill Davis (R-Portland) announced that there will not be a vote on Sunday sales legislation this year. Senate Public PolicyChairman Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) refused to even schedule any of our bills for Senate consideration.

This is extremely disappointing news. There is no legitimate public policy reason to not allow the Sunday carry-out sale of alcohol. It is frustrating that the General Assembly continues to cater to the small, but extremely powerful liquor store industry who is able to thwart the will of millions of Hoosiers who want a change.

To our supporters, we thank you for your efforts.

This is not a time to retreat, this is a time to reenergize. Help us recruit more people to the cause. Tell legislators that you are extremely disappointed in their lack of action on this issue.

We have said from the beginning that we will win on this issue when lawmakers hear from enough of their constituents to drown out the influence of the special interest liquor store lobby. Unfortunately, we have not reached that tipping point yet, but with your continued help and support we can.

We are confident that one day we can, and we will, eventually be able to Change It Indiana.

— Hoosiers for Beverage Choices


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