Haste makes Hostas

The front section, which I put in I think in 2006 or 2007, has been largely ignored ever since. As the weeds were making themselves comfy for another season…I decided to pull the mulch off, dig out any “real” plants (not dead…etc…) tiller the soil, and then start over. It’d be super cool if it was just one big moss thing that was punctuated by hastas…but I’m not sure about splitting moss like you can the hastas.

BTW, add this to the list of “things that happen when the mower won’t start…”


One thought on “Haste makes Hostas

  1. Yes, you can split moss. (Feed it with beer…)
    And you can spell “hostas” with an “o.”
    Looks good…will try not to tread on it when we get out of the car next time.

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