Back Home in Dome

After a quick trip to Long Beach for the weekend, and a Saturday night red eye home, which was not nearly as gruesome as some others I’ve experienced in the past. This after a great Easter the weekend ebfore with mom and Dad coming over to see teh new floors and then going over to Johns for a nice gathering. I didn’t realize that the floors were still in you can walk off them but dont put anything down just yet” mode when I invited them over, but they were sporting about it, thanks in part to well-made bloodies.

I’m thinking to get another big couch today, as it has a sleeper, looks kinda of coo, and is big and comfy looking. hopefully It will fit in to not only the truck, but it will fit from a logic point of view in the clearydome!

In the meantime, my front room is stuffed like a storage room, and I’ve just unloaded the new table and chair for the kitchen, which I am enjoying being at “normal” (not pub…) height.
Did some light tree trimming (some of my stuff was headed to the neighbors house, so was trying to dial it back before it beame a problem. Otherwise, there is a lot that becons me to take care of outside…

This is a cool idea. We don’t exactly slip notes to one another in the NON new york city, but.


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