Here is an older upgrade that hadn’t been (going through photos as part of the spring cleaning…) so found these shots of the stairs to the basement. Originally it was a pretty frightful affair, dark and peeling and really not nice. Alas, it’s not a super important part of the house, but I will admit that it is much more pleasant now. I had help with the drywall from the folks that painted the house, although, they subbed the electric work out…and as I found out while being shocked while standing on a ladder atop the stairs while I tried to install a light fixture…they did not do a great job.

(I had this addressed by ‘my’ electrician Blake). That experience, btw, was a formative one when it came to an increased desire to pay for work being done rather than do it myself. Well, desire to pay isn’t exactly high…but desire to have that kind of thing happen again is WAY low..



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