Meet Mr. 14

Quick tally…and…I wanted to introduce “Mr. 14.” That is, the 14th tree planted here at the Clearydome since I moved in. Alas, two of the trees didn’t make it, but then again, they were duds that Liz’s dad packed in my trunk when we visited last fall and I didn’t know any better.

(Something like that…technically..he didn’t put them in the trunk while we were not looking, but thats a better story. Technically, of those 4 little pines…two are still going, so that’s good numbers for baseball, if not surgeons.)

In any case, was looking to fill a little more sky in the back yard, and when Lowes started with the 50% off trees, well, that’s basically impossible to ignore. Particularly when it’s rained so much this fall that it makes digging, not as horrible as it really is.

He’s not much to look at just yet, this scrawny little Red Maple. But eventually…hopefully…


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