20 Tap Review

I have to admit, that I really liked the old Northside News. It had great sandwiches, super espresso, and a magazine selection that put Borders in the shade. (well, ok, it had Autosport, and that was the main thing…also, guess BOTH Borders and Northside News are gone-zo). Also, conveniently, it was about 1.2 miles away, which was about as far from home that I felt safe taking the Alfa Romeo, knowing that it could be a walk back…

In any case, the good news is that there is something new in there now. (This place is on college at 54th st, which you can get to from the Dome by hitting the Monon and then turning West at 54th)

Not sure what it is–3 Wise Men, Sun King, Brugge, Upland Ale–about Indy and indy-beers tied with restaurants, but it is a great scene to have emerging in a city that seems to have just about one million Miller Lite drinkers (no offense, Uncle John!). This is another new entry and hopefully it works out. The 54th area is one that seems to get better and better with Recess restaurant and a few other places in there as well making it a decent destination. Judging by the review, they are off to a good start…



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