Sealing it up

Some two years after the original energy audit in the dome, today was day for second of two rounds of insulation installation. Say that several times. Before, it was blown insulation and sealing lots of air gaps in the upper half of the house, above the porch, and in the back side of the house as well. That was mid-winter. The second part, finished today (and started today….) was the spraying of closed cell polyurethane foam from Dow Chemical. And it indeed smells like exactly that just now as I write, chemical-ly.

I’ll get pics later–he recommended not going down there or if i did, not breathing– later. Basically though sprayed on flor joists, walls, and where the house meets the foundation to make for a comprehensive seal. I thought that they were going to remove the fiberglass that I’d installed a few years back that was determined to be not good for anything, but it looks like not so much….

Still, will be good to see how much difference this makes; keeping heat in (as hoped by part 1 of the insulation) is made easier, one would suppose, when there isn’t new, cold air drifting in to compete so hopefully that is addressed in part 2… we will see. I at least got that all done before turning the furnace on for the season so I’ll have hopefully more relevant data to compare now that it’s all done ahead of the season.


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