Sad to See him Go…

…but after three years, it was time to think about getting something that might be able to escape the confines of the city limits without having to worry about how far you have to push it home. While it did have all that rust,  dents, ridiculous saucer wheel cap covers, and a variety of other cosmetic issues, you couldn’t see any of them from the drivers seat. I was lucky to run it all the way into a very late fall and indian summer last year. It was the perfect way to go get the paper on Sunday morning (particularly given that it was a walking-distance trip…Perfect for Trusty…), and even though there are some pedal bikes that offer more performance, it was always a fun car to drive.

But I want to get something that will have a bigger range, and lower worry factor. It’s surely a sign of getting old.

Now, the search is on…


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