Some good news

It’s a long story, but the short version is that as I moved in, there was some development going on. Most of it violated the Master Plan for Broad Ripple in terms of resident intensity/density, cut down a lot (at least 32 mature…) of trees, likely involved some kind of corruption to get the plans passed as it would have dramatically increased the tax revenue for the land, and ignored the concept of what to do with parking.

It ended up that one of the developments ended up  (photo…some other time…) only being half-built, and the one further down the street–which had ghastly mock-ups–were never built. The End of the World in 2008 didn’t help.

Those units at the end of the street that were due to be torn down for the new developments instead just sat idle, for at least three years now. Sweet for the resale on the Clearydome, eh!? The worst was that it was used for police urban tactic training (“don’t mind the tear gas!”).

So when I saw that they were painting and working on some of those places, I was pretty pleased. Apparently they are renovating them all back up to liveable spec and putting them back up to rent. Good news.


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