Over a barrel

I noticed my neighbor Mike’s rain barrel the other day–It’s a much better installation than the pavers I am currently using to make gravity work for me as far as putting the water collected to good use.

I called the Cener For Urban Ecology at Butler to find out more (they had those labels on the barrel) about where to get the stands and it turns out that the barrel is part of a study being done to see about water quality.

Apparently, someone said (didn’t get this detail as far as exactly WHO…) that water from rain barrels shouldn’t be used in vegetable gardens, but there was no hard data to support or deny that. So they are doing sampling around the city to find out if that’s a bad theory or if the water is ok to be used like that.

Thanks to Marjorie at the Center for Urban Ecology for telling me about the project and about how I could find the supports for the barrels I already have at the dome.


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