Shelter in Place

Well, just a short year and a month since I last posted. You might think that with “…all this time” I have given the lack of races and office commute, that there would be more opportunity to post here but alas the multiple full time and them some gigs that we’ve got going on have kept that from happening.  


We’ve had a LOT of time here, more than ever before in fact. It has been hard but also great to spend so much time here together. Lots of walks around the block, riding the Skuut in the ally, and some strolls on the Monon to boot. 

I did though paint the front porch floor, with my only regret being a lack of before/afters. So it goes. I also did some gravel updates for the driveway.

They are busy days. 

There is though a before after of my car mag collection, as I was able to share the collection with someone via Nextdoor. Yay. This after I was able to share my collection of RACER magazines with the IUPUI Motorsports program, so they have found good homes… 



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