Welcome JWil

Well, long time no blog, amirite. Just a quick catch up note about a fleet update. After (yet another -.ed) looming significant repair was needed on Liz’s car, one we named for a driver who lost his life the day we picked it up (“DW” for Dan Wheldon), it struck us as time to think about something a lot more sensible shoes.

So, with Liz subtly intoning that a move should be a timely one, I had to act quickly to find a good fit. We’d long thought about an SUV thing, likely a CR-V, but when we thought about what we really needed, and (even with falling prices) fuel economy, and just removing that fear of “what might happen next” and “…making sure you don’t leave home without a AAA” card and felling like you are “paying for the private college education for the offspring of the guys who work on your car” and stuff, we kept coming up “Honda.”

So, we’d like to introduce you to JWil. Alas, yes, another late IndyCar driver for the name. But given Justin’s long Honda association, as well as just wanting to bring him up more often, not to mention that it’s a wise (we hope!) decision, it seems to make sense.

It was our first time to shop for a new car like this, and with the internet, and what not, it was a remarkably straightforward process. Not to mention being able to drop the Audi off and not look back at it and wonder what was going to break next…a good feeling. Dad might have given us a hard time about the lack of risk we were taking with the choice…but I think he’d have also understood the decision. Here is looking forward to the miles to come!






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