T-gives into fall

A quick trip to DC for the holiday was indeed a quick trip but we were rewarded with outstanding weather, smooth travel, and a fun visit. And some traditional outstanding eats once again.

It’s been a pretty glorious fall weather wise, although, last Saturday we marveled at the snow as it gave Indy a light cover. While it was but zero trouble for us, having decided that staying inside was the best approach…news from Chicago about their foot of snow was a nice reminder of how little of a November inconvenience this was.

The front room is all but complete, ending what has been over a year of having an ongoing project in the house. It will be nice to settle back into the full footprint of the Dome as we both continually work on getting rid of stuff. Some might have more work to do than others with that project.

Also wanted to note, that Apple continues to make things worse, this time, the now- requisite “Photos” app does not let you drag images right from the program into another one (say, a web browser.)


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