Weekend at home

Liz and I had the weekend at home, and it was amazing. I can see why normal people look forward to them. I was super geeked out about the Le Mans 24 Hour race, and had a huge list of things to do “while the race was on” which of course meant that when the race ended…I still had a ton of things I wanted to get done and hadn’t as the race had consumed my attention…

When that race ended, thankfully, there was yet more to come as Nascar had a race (albeit one that got rained out and that I didn’t watch but 4 laps of) as well as a very exciting IndyCar race, which one of the Sunday Group clients won so that was good. Also had a visit from A. Burrows who was back in town for work.

We are preparing for our post-cable life, something I thought of when I saw that there is an F1 race next weekend…wondering if I’ll be able to catch that. Liz is nervous, too. 


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