Last year when I got back from Le Mans, Liz had the kitchen trash can out for cleaning, and we had a big pile of plastic bags from the grocery store in stock. So, adopting the Euro and looking to burn through our stock of grocery store ‘trash’ bags, I decided we’d eschew the normal trash can and trash bags to just use grocery store bags for trash until we were done with them.

Despite having our own bags in the car to use at the grocery store, as well as bags by the bikes for when we ride to get things, we are a year later…still getting rid of the bags. I guess it is good to be getting use out of them, but it seems to me, a year later as I get ready to go back to Le Mans, that I need to be doing a better job of remembering the bags and backpacks in the cars that we have for that same purpose.


One thought on “Trashy

  1. If you really have a glut of bags, bring/send them over. I take our extra ones to the food bank and they use thousands of them…

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