Been back in indy–between races–for a little bit. Odd to not be based at camp in August, but just keep adapting to change…

I forgot that the Black Crowes were playing in Indy last week, but Liz and I had already decided to go to a baseball game (Indy Indians, the local minor league team that is in cahoots with the Pittsburgh Pirates, sending t hem the best players or something sinister like that..).

It has been unseasonably fall-like here.  So after a little summer celebration with some oysters in town, we went to the game for the “low” part of the menu. We hung out in the outfield for the first part of the game to get a little bit of the last bits of sun. We had great seats–there was a two-for-one deal for tickets  for the night.

Once the sun fell below the stands, we too went into the shade and got our seats, which were right behind home plate. In fact, our usher pointed out which seats–not the ones we had originally bought–we should go to as he knew what seats were really open.

Had a remarkable thing happen as a foul ball flew up above our heads– making a large BONK when it hit the stadium above us…I was wearing my Rolex Series baseball cap, and took it off to look up to see where the ball had gone. As it happened while I was looking up, fruitlessly looking for the ball…I felt the cap get much heavier, all of a sudden. Turns out, I had caught the ball.

So, we missed the Black Crowes, but hopefully they will be back. However, I doubt that I’ll ever catch a ball with my hat without looking.


IMG_5013 IMG_5018IMG_5019


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