Things going on

Well, it’s May so there are things going on as always…but it seems like that’s even more the case right now. Not only are there–some objectionable- several construction projects going on in the Broad Ripple area, but the market really seems to have livened up. The house behind our ally went on sale and sold at a robust price within a week. There are homes being (although this is way down the street on the fancy parts…) completely renovated, and there is of course the normal buzz that comes to town when the Pacers are not yet dead in the NBA playoffs, and the rain isn’t dampening all the enthusiasm about the 500.

So far, the month has NOT returned–in correlation to the lack of plane tickets– the hoped for results as far as around the house projects; although I have to admit that my expectations are regularly not realistic and my patience is not, anything.

But, we’ve still got new lights going in the kitchen, the 4 Runner has sold, some healthy new hastas after some spring splitting and re planting, a new layout on a freshly cleaned porch ready for another good summer, all the inside plants are (save for the BIG one, Dr. John bon) now hanging outside, and some of the copious grass seed and fertilizer seems to have actually made a small impression for the moment with new grass taking hold in the normally barren front “lawn.” Also, the washer that I broke (trying to clean pillows…and maybe not loading it properly…) is now fixed and running again. Big doings in these parts, I tell you.






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