I’m Leaving LA

(LA Fitness…)

IMG_2512its not me, its you.


I was pretty stoked when, moving into the dome in 2006…the all-new Target popped up next to the library and Lowes, a route my car would soon know to drive just on its own. Adding to the power triangle was the Goodwill for (dome purge) drop off and perusal, and then, in March 07 or so came the next great addition to the Glendale Mall area. Adding to the ease of living at the dome (Although I did drive there every time, it should be pointed out…) was an affordable gym with the building of an LA Fitness.

This national chain had a bunch of things going for it, particularly at first. It was an instant downgrade of experience from (Lifetime) what I was used to at my old gym. (which, I left in part because the horrible drive over there. Guess what? the Sunday Group office is RIGHT THERE. See what I’ve done to myself?!) But, it was close and cheap so I stuck with it. Even if that meant not going there for the three months I was in vermont and on the road.

Just like I’d get frustrated if I didn’t go to the old gym in the afternoon and I’d get caught in the Castleton Mall traffic (which, again, i get to do now..), the same thing would annoy me at LA fitness when Id not peel myself away from the desk for a good half hour of elliptical time; Invariably, there would be a line to wait for the next treadmill, bike, or rower. This only deepened my own annoyance at myself for not going at noon, where there was noone there but suburbamoms and permatrainerdudes, and you had the run of the place.

The lack of wifi and the fact that the paper towels, (this is indiana, so we are nice and –most of us–clean up the machines after we use them) were simply ALWAYS OUT. If they were half as mindful of keeping those stocked as they were about calling you at work home, and cell, not to mention your neighbors whenever your credit car on on file came within 6 months of expiring…it’d be much better. So I’ve decided to go.

In any case, thanks and good riddance. Now, this little fatty has to figure out what to do next…


One thought on “I’m Leaving LA

  1. Do you have Planet Fitness there? It’s simple—nothing fancy—but costs only $10 month, no contract. Might be worth checking out.
    You could also just go outside and work out in your garden…

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