Weekend report


{Doing this instead of working on something for Burrows.}

Weekend at home


–a weekend at home, fortunately without any two-hour drives back from Ikea with all the windows open (like last week..) to keep from getting carbon monoxidized. Nice run on Sunday down to 38th and back to take advantage of the unreasonably warm weather this am. Some holiday/birthday party visits last night. Bike ride (which is all of .4 of a mile…) to www.cafepatachou.com/

For solo breakfast (no capacity to cook at home, as pics should show…) as liz had her annual brunch party with a friend today.

Did another round of getting rid of old (see ya, pleats) suits and other clothes, just paring things down and getting the closet much better and moving the unused stuff over to goodwill.

Picked up a smaller vanity from Lowes (and faucet, brilliant work! )  for the back bathroom that  will make for a little bit more room. Currently, things are at a standstill until Blake (the flake..) comes back to finish the electrical stuff. In the meantime, Liz got to painting the bathroom (in pics) and I…wrote about it.


Some shots of a rare 9-5 sighting, taking down the old cabinets (which included the door falling down and hitting me on the head. That sucked. )

Packing now for a quick trip that will precede a long, multi-location trip…



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