December Days

Got to hang out with Corey and Laura last night around the fire pit, which was possible largely because of the 60 degree weather. This after (with the kitchen being out of order…ordering (out) it the order of the day) going to Moe and Johnny’s for some 2 for 1 (thanks to WFYI. org membership, nice call Liz!) burgers.

Also quick shout-out to the Aristocrat, which burned down a year ago, but is back in action with a great space for the bar in the middle and a bevy of beverage selections.

This was a nice break after getting a lot done around the house, only to be pretty annoyed when the counter fell out of the wall. It’d have been less bothersome had I not spent the time earlier in the day to clean all the dishes that then ended up splayed all around the floor! Fortunately  it didn’t break any pipes and Liz came up with the sawhorse solution.  Unfortunately, the cool big mug mom gave me for xmas a few years back (as part of a collection that I think was some kind of bonus package from shutterfly or something…), with the photo of me sailing Chip on his side, had the handle broken off. Things grew even more dire when later, the glass dispenser of dish soap direct from Denmark also fell and broke. Good thing I have some back up Vel!!

This month it is liz who is the busy bee with work related travel. I am over the moon to not (although, I need to get one here for later in the month…) currently have any plane tickets for anything work related the rest of the year.

With Restore (the store that Habitat for Humanity runs, and actually creates I thin 35% of their total budget) taking the dishwasher, fridge, and stove, we are at the moment, without a dishwasher, fridge, and stove. I do have though a small beer/dorm room fridge that holds some basics…and Liz has all the important (bacon) frozen stuff at her place. In the meantime, we are trying to make do–this AM was a sunday brunch, difficulty level: use just toaster and microwave…so, bagels and scrambled eggs it was!

We’ve got the air cleaner things running full time, as even with nothing happening, there is no doubt a huge amount of dust in the air…so it is lucky that it is so mild out and can open the place up a bit. So we will see what we get done this week, hoping to have tile sorted and then be looking at roughs for electric and plumbing. And in the meantime, camping inside the dome when it comes time to eat! Go bengals.



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