That time of year…

Being as mature as I am, one year my solution to the unwanted AT&T phone book delivery was to take mine and put it on the front step of the local AT&T store.

But this from Indiana Living Green is much better…


Are there (or are there going to be) any collection sites for PHONE BOOKS this year?  (Other than the place on the south side.)
Usually, there’s a dumpster next to the boat ramp at Broad Ripple Park, but it’s not there yet.
Any info you can find would be appreciated.


Dear Bill,

It’s that time of year again. Halloween? No, something even scarier. Phone books! Thousands and thousands of phone books appearing at front doors throughout the state. That’s more of a trick than treat.

Fortunately it’s also time for the 5th Annual YP Project ReDirectory sponsored by the Indiana Recycling Coalition (go ahead and click, they have a purty new web site!). Project ReDirectory is an eco-friendly competition among 14 schools that receive cash prizes for their efforts. Last year nearly 57 tons of phone books were collected, with Greenbriar Elementary winning the top prize.

Collection containers can be found at the following locations:
• Abraham Lincoln Elementary, 5241 Brehob Road, Indpls
• Bunker Hill Elementary, 6620 Shelbyville Road, Indpls
• CHOICE Academy, Decatur Central High School
5251 Kentucky Avenue, Indpls
• Fortville Elementary, 8414 N. 200 W, Fortville
• Greenbriar Elementary, 8201 N. Ditch Road, Indpls
• Herron High School, 110 E. 16th Street, Indpls
• Irvington Community School, 6705 E. Julian Avenue, Indpls
• Jonathan Jennings Elementary #109
3725 Kiel Avenue, Indpls
• Lawrence North High School, 7802 Hague Road, Indpls
• Northview Middle School, 8401 Westfield Blvd, Indpls
• Paul I. Miller Elementary #114, 2251 Sloan Avenue, Indpls
• Southport High School, 971 E. Banta Road, Indpls
• Sunnyside Elementary, 6345 Sunnyside Road, Indpls
• Westfield High School, 18250 North Union Street, Westfield
• Circle City Recycling, 3617 Southeastern Avenue
• Langsdale Recycling, 832 Langsdale Avenue
• Republic Services, 96th Street Transfer Station

YP directories are made from recycled paper and wood fiber waste. You can also attempt to limit or stop delivery at this website.

Piece out,



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