This is what TV is like these days

I like Dish…but…

Dear Matthew,

As you are likely aware, your local NBC station has been blocked by Dispatch Broadcast Group, an Ohio-based corporation. Dispatch is demanding an outrageous increase in rates of more than 350% to be carried on DISH.

At DISH, we take our commitment to bring you the best programming at the best value very seriously. We carry nearly 1,700 local stations around the country and have successfully reached agreements with hundreds of these stations in recent months. We understand the marketplace well and are open to a fair and reasonable agreement with Dispatch.

We are fighting in your best interests and would appreciate your support in sharing your opinion with Dispatch by contacting John Cardenas, station general manager, at (317) 655-5600 and posting on the station’s Facebook page. Together, we can help ensure that your costs remain low.

For updates at any time and to provide feedback, visit

Thank you for being a valued DISH customer.




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