Just like the clearydome…

Notice the driveway in this photo (of an F1 driver who shows why he went into race cars instead of basketball…)? Its the same kind of set up as my back walk way. I’d love to do that out back, but the investment would not be a wise one…


Jul.25 (GMM) Kimi Raikkonen finished Sunday’s German grand prix in fourth place.

But in the immediate aftermath of the Hockenheim result, the Finn would enjoy a dose of good luck — and then a reminder of harsh reality.

When his friend Sebastian Vettel was penalised post-race for the illegal pass on Jenson Button, Finn Raikkonen inherited the podium.

But, according to Bild newspaper, he then crashed.

The newspaper has published a photograph of the 2007 world champion tripping whilst jumping a fence to the paddock carpark, and landing awkwardly on a car.

“Kimi was rushing,” said an observer, “as he took a shortcut to the carpark.

“His right foot got caught on the fence and he fell onto a car. He cried out ‘f**k‘ and quickly got up and going again.”

From http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/raikkonen-crashes-after-hockenheim-race/


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