Saturday at Home…

Basically, it’s the entire summer in one saturday, as this is the only/last time this will be happening w liz in town and me in town for a non-race saturday until the leaves start to turn. So a lazy 15 mile bike ride to Carmel and back in the morning, some lawn putzing around early afternoon and heading downtown for Bacon of the Month at Goose the Market and maybe some lunch…

In the meantime, happened to notice that my rain barrels were full –must’ve rained once while i was away–and went (over) -ed.  to offer the water to across the street neighbor. Turns out he’s got his own one,…but in the conversation, he asked about if it gets hot up in the Dome and I told him yes I was looking at window A/C units and as it turns out..he had one in his basement to get rid of and I just gave it to me to try out. SWEET.

Later on, heading back North to a party for a friends birthday–Jarrod, who is saved in my phone as “Kim’s Husband”

…Also, should say Happy Birthday to nieghbor Annie! Hopefully remember to get her a six of something today…

The photo is of the Carmel (not sure if they call it a “Farmers” Market or not…) Market. The area looks very vegas-like, in terms of being pre-conceived all as one. For better or worse. One thing that was worse was that they did NOT let dogs in the market (compared to Broad Ripple market, which was also went to…)

Also in a little bit of small town times, ran into Kelby who was jogging on the Monon. He pretended not to know us, but all the same.


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