Between “Races”

Everyone asks what the first race of the season is, and to look at the calendar, its the Rolex 24 (Jan 27th). But, in reality, the first race is actually a test-the season opening Roar Before the 24. Its the on chance that teams have to prepare fo r the 24, trying out cars and drivers and making ne adjustments to the cars that they hope will mean that they arrive at the big race ready to go quiikcly.

For me, the test means a little dose of stress–there is the client part, cultivating new clients or re-signing existing ones–and then there is the early am part–as we have to do a lot of photo shoots and press conferences, so the days start happening at 5:30 for the four days. No problems falling asleep on these days. WIth al the effort that goes into it, the test might as well be a race, but that there is just…no race.

Normally, after this test (which I’ve also had the fun time of flying down to from Vermont for, super culture/temperature change) , there is a modest pause in the action with a pair of weeks ahead of the actual race.

I traditionally try to take advantage of by (tearing out a wall) or (tearing out a ceiling) or (painting) or some such. this year, I’m trying to attack the office, and mostly its with the continued idea of de cluttering in mind.

See, i have this box FULL of dvds and cd’s with photos, music, videos, back up document collections, everything. in the box. Really, not so good for A) clutter and more so, B) for actually ever using it. So while dennis called it an “exciting” project–he might have been kidding– it was still one i wanted to take on. It’s probably not super good for productivity in terms of constantly loading disks as I work on the other computer…but….at least I don’t have to wear a mask for it!


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