ClearyDome Condo

So, to follow up my frustration from the blower and mower debacle, I did pull the trigger on getting some help with the leaves. My neighbors had forwarded the names/contact for someone to call, and I emailed to find a rate and schedule it. I actually didn’t know when they were coming, so was kind of surprised to see some guy in my back yard with a blower before I realized what was happening. They took over and had the whole thing clear with about five guys, including one on the roof doing gutters. I have to say, that THIS IS HOW TO RAKE THE LAWN. I duly continued to work while they worked, trying to do the math of how much time I saved vs. revenue to be generated during that same time. Not sure if the maths fully add up, but given the frustration I had experienced, was at least happy with this little splurge, particularly considering the significant difference in how it looked after they did it and how it would (“mostly done.” “I got a GOOD BIT of the leaves cleared”, etc) look had I done it my self…


3 thoughts on “ClearyDome Condo

  1. Perhaps it was a sign when the neighbors forwarded the contact info for lawn care! Says the person who doesn’t even at this point need to call the lawn guys- it’ll be interesting when we join the ranks of landowners (sorry, future neighbors!).

  2. And less snarkily, I hope I get to see the Clearydome before you go condo– it’s looking nice in the photos. Like the bungalow style a lot.

  3. That’s pretty funny–I should probably though clarify….that…I had ASKED them who it was that I had seen taking care of their yard, although, it’s much funnier the way you pointed it out!

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