cleary condo?

so, it was my first saturday at home in months, and I’m duly out taking care of the last round of leaves. They are of course a little soggy and there is still more rain yet as I start out. But it subsides and after taking five minutes to work in things in side, i head back out.

Progress is thwarted as the blower, which just minutes before was helping me clear the way in the backyard, getting the leaves out of the mulched areas (i know that having leaves covering there can be good for planted bulbs, but I”m not entering any competitions for gardening and I’d rather just have it cleared off…) only to have the blower not work , having just run fine minutes ago.

Then the mower, which i learned my my neighbors is a great way to deal with leaves, condensing them to fit more into the bags and of course with having the bagger, making it moderately less of a horrible experience.

So I’m at the end of the string on doing the lawn. It all this reminds me of a salient response from my obtuse and obstinate college roommate Zach, who when reading some time back about my having rehabbed a wheelbarrow, pointed out at that a new one was but 50 at lowes.

I have to admit, that I’m more than modestly frustrated to not have the place where I want it to be yet–some five years plus into it, and that it continually feels like a waste of time with DIY and that I should maybe spend more time working to be able to afford having others take care of some elements, like lawn care. Treating the place as it might well become in the future, a rental property. I don’t know, it’s grey and nasty in Indy and maybe thats part of the downer, but it’s hard not to be frustrated and a little burned out on the thing, as much as I completely love actually getting the chance to be at home. And it certainly doesn’t make me feel like taking the time, money, planning, and energy into redoing the kitchen as has been the plan for (I looked at the order sheet that Donna Sink had helped me sort out…and it was from JUNE, 2010…)

So, maybe, a conversion to Condo Cleary would be a good idea.


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