Rainy Day at the Dome

Yesterday was a rainy one in Indy. As you can see in the link below, we had more rain yesterday than we did in July and August. Which is funny, because me being home yesterday was basically more days being home than in July or August.

It was great to spend the day inside–frozen pizza, nascar race, nap, and all–after a big mid-ohio weekend that capped of a 2011 season that started just about one year ago this week.

Now, the list of things that I’ve been thinking of doing around the Dome while I was away awaits. I’m not sure where to start, I only wish there were so few places to pick (garage, kitchen, front room, front storage room, back bathroom, etc…) from.


Also, looking ahead to some hasta-splitting and moving, some new trees for the front yard, and eventually coming up with a final plan for the back walkway without spending a fortune…


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