Long time gone…

Still not back Dome-side, out East once again for the Summer Tour (VT, Cape, Watkins Glen, NYC, Montreal, South Jersey-yay, etc.) This will be the longest stint away as I’m not doing the traditional fly home in Aug plan as Liz will be flying up here for a visit instead. (she was the one wondering who the drawn woman was in the dome cross section. I’m so busted)

But the list for the return is growing, from a final push–I haven’t even started to deal with bids/contractors/etc–on the kitchen to remembering to plant some trees when the ground softens up (want to do some visual blocking to the house next door–which recently sold) to working on front room (thinking to convert it into more of a reading room, with a couch and desk to go with the recent ikea shelving installed…) to thinking also about going for round two on the “sealing the dome” project, adding insulation and caulk and what not to the areas where the foundation and the house meet, which is a tough part of the draft situation.

But for now, nothing going on save for reports from my neighbors of my plants, gasping for water through the summer heat. Here’s hoping that Liz’s return to town means that she can be the Savior for them…

Here are a few postcard shots from along the way…


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