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I’ll admit, I continue to wrestle with the whole living in Indy thing a little bit. But not because of Indy, as much as because there are such big breaks between the time I am here and away. I’m confident that this would be the case no matter where I was. It doesn’t help that given that I’ve not worked in an office since April 2002 (who is counting??), my network is pretty fractured (some would point out my lack of interpersonal skills as relevant here, too. Fair enough) so the whole “community” thing is something that I feel more when I am away, at my other home the track. I also don’t have in mind some other place specifically that would fit the bill much better.

That I don’t have a big network of peeps here in Indy, one of the crazy-friendliest   (both parties tend to say “excuse me.” NYC peeps are confused!) towns I can imagine, once again does call in to question my social skill set. Although, in my defense, I am gone a lot so spend a good bit of time catching up with myself when I get back, while getting ready to once again leave.  So it goes.

In any case, it is encouraging to see others so positive about the town. New bike lanes, more plans for development in reasonable stretches, vibrant restaurant industry, and some (someone say Super Bowl? Soap Box Derby? concerts? art shows?) big events. Lots going on.

It’d be truly great if Indy, which in the 70’s was a real leader and innovator with the move to the municipal system, were to continue to lead by having an actual mass transit system. That is one of the debates at the moment, and I think could have a huge impact on the city in the future.

OK back to work. But this was the article that I meant to post…|topnews|text|News


One thought on “Indy “News”

  1. There was an article in the International Herald Tribune this week about the ways in which US cities are encouraging driving by synchronizing traffic lights, expanding parking, etc., while European cities are discouraging it with more traffic signals, less parking, etc.–all as a way to encourage people to use mass transit. While our distances are perhaps greater than in smaller European cities, seems as if a great city like Indy could approach the matter of public transportation with both a carrot and a stick approach such as this one.

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