The day the music died

“What, is this a seminal moment in your life?” the guy (who knew of Hamilton College because he had seen Rush play in Utica–woah, multi-time Rush concert-goers…you have to be leery of those folks, eh?!) picking up the drums asked when i was taking pictures of the thing being disassembled.

Well, kind of, I’m no longer rock and roll. Not that I ever really was. But this makes it official. No longer having drums in my living room has to indicate something. I blame that I’m trying to make it less cluttered. And, too, having played the drums one last time in anticipation of selling them, I realized that it was probably a pretty good idea. I was never that good, but now, I was pretty much just bad. Like quick, witty scathing remarks that come to you the next day…I was a much better drummer in my head than in the sound part. Although, have to give a shout out and non-literal drum stick throw to the crowd and mention Vegetarian Meat, The Pantheistic Surfers, Stoney Maloney and the Woo-Hoos, the Ski Vidergoende Russ Revue Band, and a few other bands I’ve been lucky enough to tolerate my drumming through the years.

Maybe having a pair of skateboards and the SuperSac staged in the entry way to the house will help me keep some street cred intact.


2 thoughts on “The day the music died

  1. How could you have been in SO many bands?
    Sorry to see this era end…it was always fun to get out the earplugs when you and Dennis were playing in the basement.

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