Something to do next time at camp….

New Hampshire I was drawn to Jim Alden, though not because of his personality. He was standing next to glass jars of old-fashioned candy – some of the more than 300 pounds that he had brought down from his Guinness record-holding candy store, Chutters in Littleton, N.H. His advice on a great deal in Littleton? Have the hash. He was referring to the corned beef hash at the Littleton Diner, which goes for $4.95 and he notes is “hearty, sinewy, tasty chew, mixed with onions, potatoes and fresh parsley.” The booth’s all–you-can-eat free candy, along with a furry life-size moose, easily gave New Hampshire the title for best booth amenities. Yes, Puerto Rico, your salsa dancers were good, but not free-candy-and-moose-good.



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