The guys did what they could in terms of vacuuming and cleaning up. But even though they put a tarp in to cover the entire kitchen gap to the rest of the Dome, I still noticed that I could write my name on my desk…upstairs…

So that decision to maybe “wait until I get more work done around the house” before seeing about having a pro cleaner come by seems to have been a good one. For now, just fighting back to clean everything off as much as possible to at least get a few cups and utensils out to use. Won’t really be able to do much until I get back from the 24. No photo here, but Liz pulled the wallpaper out in the bathroom, which even further brightened the space. I did another round of primer last night (final one), and have been busily annoyed with myself for not buying a Groupon for “Room Painting” Whoops. So its a little bit like camping, with not having access to what you need, and it’s a bit like being in a dust storm. But the space is already completely different and I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy it in the future.

Also, note, working on getting the back door process moving and making that order…stay tuned…


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