I think I’ll taste drywall dust for weeks


But so far, so good. Also, I’ve not heard this much classic rock in ages. But the well-encrusted portable stereo of the Jim Spears Plaster guys seems perfectly suited for it.

Not to be forgotten in this is the bathroom, which previously had not one, but two, different huge holes in the ceiling. One was from where a lamp had been before I (it should also be remembered that originally…the skylight in that room was HALF BLOCKED by a ceiling…) removed the ceiling section, and the other was into the huge area above the stairwell. Also, the drywall, which had the “moon surface” that I can’t stand, was stained from a pre-Cleary time when I think there was a nice leak going on there…

So things are coming along. With but 2 weekends to spend at home, and one of them set to be the annual Pre-Rolex-24 Stress Fest, I can’t say that I was thrilled to be getting up at 8 to start some coffee and have the guys come in to work. But, so it goes and it means it will be moving along faster…

Even now, with a floor full of plaster shards that stick to you slippers, it’s remarkable how much more space there seems to be with the beams gone and so much more space freed up. The Jim Spears guys have been great and thats another Donna Sink hook-up as she made the suggestion in the first place! Updates to follow….




2 thoughts on “I think I’ll taste drywall dust for weeks

  1. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing!! This is going to be so much better, it all feels so much neater and SIGNIFICANTLY less splintery! Can’t wait to see it in real life!

    Yes, Spears is a great company.

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