The guys worked quickly; it was due to be a two day job, but before it was 2, they were done, cleared the area, and out of here…

These are (all of them so far have been…its about now that that camera with the wifi download seems like a good idea. it’s not that I don’t know where the cord to plug in my other camera is…its just that its a PIA,,,,) just iPhone shots…

So pardon the shots, but here is an idea of the modest little transformation at the back of the house. I can currently say, as I labor in the heat that accumulates upstairs in the Hayloft, that there is indeed a very nice breeze (reducing the very nice smell of recently cut cedar that was wafting about…) blowing through the downstairs area thanks to the new windows (which, unlike the previous ones…”open” ).

I have some painting to do, but in the meantime am stoked about this development in the Dome..


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