Another good weekend at home

Weather is about…to…start turning. Friday, things cracked up into the 50s. Busy busy day on Saturday with 6+ miles on the treadmill and Liz doing her best so far with 5+ miles as she trains for the half marathon in May. Then down town for Ansel Adams exhibit and a beard trim, then home for a big old dinner. Now, back to work…


Donna hits the (computer) screen…

Very cool, was watching this short clip about Indianapolis, and low and behold…THERE IS DONNA SINK! I should have got a photo of her while she was at the Clearydome coming up with ideas before she got famous!

(Here is a link to some of the other things that Donna has done in the community)

Typo review

This thing is what some might call a blackberry on an iphone. As the iphone typing is terrible.

Alas, I held out hope this thing would be the solution and while it’s cool, and offers more full screen viewing, it is too flimsy and the keys didn’t have enough distinction to make it worth it so I’m going to send it back,,,,

This is the first ever clearydome review so you might want to print this out for your records.


Construction//Getting Funky in the hood

Interesting place going up, or on top of, a place near the dome. Was curious, as there wasn’t any sort of (well, admittedly, I have been traveling now and again) signage about zoning (normally, they put a sign out and say “somethings going on here…and you can check it out and find out more and oppose if you want…call this number”) but it looks like it must be all sorted.

This is the FB page for the folks doing it


Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.07.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.16.49 AM Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.10.46 PM

Weekend away

Just a few snaps from a great weekend away. Went up with Liz to Portland then to Portsmouth to see her peeps there and then up to camp for some snow shoeing cross country skiing and winter time fire watching. Then back down to Portsmouth and got to stay at Trevors and see how quickly his smiling kids are getting bigger…


Holiday times

It has been an incredibly busy couple of months on the work front but have also been able to spend some time at the Dome, which I am grateful for whenever that happens. Starting to think about the front room and things to do there as the answer to the frequent question of “whats next”…for the Dome so had a great visit with Donna, who had not even seen the kitchen ! so hope to start to make some small progress in the next month or two, although of course I lose January to Daytona…


In any case, some shots from the last few…


Saturday at home for Xmas tree hunt

Went to the Indiana School for the blind for our tree, they had cookies and hot coca which was nice in such a cold day. Liz was happy when we found ours. Plan was to go small and well that was certainly what we did …



Shots from the last few


(Liz won the chili cook-off, hence the pig trophy. We got some snow on the night we went to a champagne tasting, very holiday feeling…)


Denny and K Jo do the Marathon

I went up to watch and be Official Driver for the weekend. Pretty amazing event and of course outstanding effort from Dennis and Karina. For the record, I went for a jog on Saturday night. Nearly 2.5 miles. But, it was pretty cold out, so I stopped. No medal for me I guess!